I was wandering around on Pinterest the other day and suddenly I happened to see a photo that I instantly fell in love with...​​​​​​​
By Fanny Latour-Lambert for W Magazine
It was as if the photo had been taken for a billboard, at least in my eyes. Although the situation wasn't exactly like that, it felt that way in my own reality. So, I decided to work on it to make it a reality for everyone as well.
I wanted to try a different method in this project and give Adobe's AI tech, Firefly, a shot. This way, I could use the photo multiple times from different angles. First, I used Generative Expand, which is included with Photoshop's Crop tool, to expand the photo on all four sides, resulting in four individual designs. Then for the two of them, I used Generative Fill to create virtual objects like a suitcase and elevator door that went perfect with the actual photo. In addition to Firefly, I requested ChatGPT to provide texts and various color palettes for the fonts and the icons. Finally, I placed the designs into four different mock-up templates to visualize them on actual billboards. This was a kudos moment for me because now I could see the photo on a billboard with my own eyes, rather than just in my mind. 
It felt quite unusual to collaborate with AI, but it greatly helped me put out my vision faster and easier. After all, isn't this the very reason it exists?
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